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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my Blue Bucks balance?

You can check your balance and add Blue Bucks to your account through the GET site. Click the “Student and Staff Login” button and provide your U-M uniqname and password to log in.

What happens to Blue Bucks that I don’t use?

Blue Bucks left in your account will automatically carry over from term to term. You may request that your remaining balance be credited back to your Student Account by contacting bluebucks@umich.edu.

Do I get notifications when my balance is low?

Yes. By default, you’ll get an email when you have less than $10 in Blue Bucks in your account.

How can I customize the Low Balance notifications?

After you log in, go to the “Settings” page and click the “Edit Notification Preferences” button. Click the “When balance drops below” link to change the amount at which you’ll be notified. You can also set the type of notification—an email, a text message, or no notice at all.

Is my credit card information stored in the Blue Bucks system?

If you have provided a credit card number for billing Blue Bucks deposits, this information is encrypted and saved on a secure server. You have the option to edit and remove your credit card information at any time, including after each deposit request.

Why can’t I charge Blue Bucks to my student account?

Only students enrolled in the current academic term will be able to charge Blue Bucks directly to their student account as long as their account is in good standing and not past due.

I had a problem with a vending machine. How do I request a refund?

If there was a vending machine malfunction and you used Blue Bucks, use this refund request form to request a Blue Bucks credit. If you used cash, contact the vending machine company using the envelope on the side of the machine.

What happens if I am unable to add Blue Bucks to my Mcard?

If you are unable to add funds online please email us at bluebucks@umich.edu detailing the problem you are experiencing.